Relieving stress with yoga

A. Porter, Staff Writer

One of the reoccurring themes of 2020 has been stress. Today we ask you to take a one minute break from whatever you are currently doing.

“First inhale completely, then exhale from the pelvic floor to the navel center. Pause. Then exhale from the navel center to the heart center. Pause. Finally, exhale from the heart center to the throat. Pause. Inhale again, and repeat the process. Let each part of the exhalation be of equal length. The pauses between the sections of exhalation should feel like a calm moment of hesitation rather than holding the breath.” (Gerstein, 2020)

Yoga at Home
Photo by Cottonbro

Were you able to feel the tension leave your body? Our body holds stress in many different places. Over time those places can cause chronic pain in the forms of migraines, backaches, and other musculoskeletal conditions.

While we are less active because of the pandemic restrictions, it is essential to find ways to give our mental and physical health small acts of relief.

Breathing and Yoga go hand in hand in practice and relieving the stress that so many of us are feeling. One of the many benefits of being a HACC student is that Yoga is available as a credit course in the Physical Education department.

If you have already completed the required PE course, we have found a yoga company, Down Dog, offering free subscriptions to students, educators, and health care workers until July of 2021.

Students and Educators

Healthcare Workers

Follow the links above to Down Dog and register with your student email account to get free access until July of 2021.