When and how to get your books for spring and fall semester


A. Porter, Editor In Chief

Here at HawkEye, we are all students just like you. We experience the same concerns, misunderstandings, and frustrations you do while trying to navigate the waters of learning remotely.

One of our goals is to make HawkEye your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know from start to finish with your HACC college career. 

There seems to be a good deal of confusion over dates, financial aid, and renting books. 

Here is what you need to know!

All bookstore orders are ordered online and shipped to your address free of charge. HACC made sure to waive all shipping fees when classes moved to the remote format.

When ordering your books, you will sometimes see two options — a physical book and an e-book. If you accidentally order both, the bookstore will cancel the e-book so that you are not charged twice for the same information.

Some classes offer inclusive-access, which makes your digital course information available on the first day of class. You have the option of buying a loose-leaf packet along with inclusive-access, but it is not required. Inclusive-access has been considerably less expensive than traditional textbooks.

Financial aid for the winter semester became available on November 30, and you can purchase your books now at this link. Please note a 300 dollar limit for winter semester bookstore purchases, and electronics are not covered.

For the spring semester, you can view your books now by following this link. Financial aid will be available on December 28 so that you have time to receive your books before classes begin.

Winter: November 30, 2020

Spring: December 28, 2020

If you need information on returning your fall books, click here for everything you need to know.