Gov. Tom Wolf announces Pennsylvania’s new COVID bans and restrictions

A. Porter, Editor In Chief

To slow the rapidly rises cases of COVID-19 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has announced that gyms, casinos, theaters, and indoor dining will shut down from December 12th to January 4th.

The new restrictions include a halt to school sports and extracurricular activities, retail stores going to 50 percent capacity, and indoor gatherings limited to 10 and under.

While widely criticized, the goal of the new restrictions is to lessen locations where patrons are not wearing masks, which is linked to the rising cases of COVID-19 across the state.

A virology expert teaching at York College, Meda Higa explained the reasoning for restrictions. “In these studies, and there are many, transmission is seen between individuals with no contact.“Such as passengers on a bus, or restaurant patrons at adjacent tables. In the restaurant study, 50% of people dining at the same table as an infected individual were positive within 7 days. At an adjacent table, 75% were infected. In a meat processing plant, the infected person transmitted the virus to a colleague working more than 26 feet away over 3 consecutive working days.”

Outdoor dining and takeout are available. Wolf asked Pennsylvanians to support the state’s restaurants by ordering takeout and clarified that restaurants are not the cause of the restrictions.

The new restrictions take effect at 12:01 a.m. on December 12th. More in-depth info on the state’s restrictions can be found here.