New variant of the COVID-19 virus identified in England


A. Porter, Editor In Chief

Health Secretary Matthew Hancock has notified the World Health Organization of the finding of a new variant of the COVID-19 virus in over 1000 people in 60 different local authority areas in South England.

The new variant involves the spike protein, which increases the infection ability to cells.

While authorities are monitoring the new variant, it is too soon to determine how it will affect the current behavior of the virus. Right now the concern is continuing to follow lockdown procedures and study the characterization of the changes.

Wellcome’s Director, Dr. Jeremy Farrar, stated the change is potentially serious and that “The surveillance and research must continue, and we must take the necessary steps to stay ahead of the virus.”

The nature of viruses is that they mutate. What is important is whether mutations change the behavior of the virus, which is still unknown with this current variant. Initial assessment suggests the variant is growing faster than previous variants, but not enough is known at this time.

We will update as more information becomes available.