HACC’s free printing service for students


Before the pandemic, the college’s libraries buzzed with the noise of keystrokes, the hushed voices of friends, and the ever running printer.

We know you’re hearing keystrokes and the voices of fellow students over Zoom, the ability to print has been a problem. While HACC has continued to honor the semester print credits, the service hasn’t been easy to find.

For the spring semester, we want every HACC student to know that they can use their print credits, here.

Your printed material will be in black and white and double-sided. Once submitted, you will receive emails updating your order to your Hawkmail account, and the prints mailed via USPS to your home address.

Hopefully, we will be back in person to hear all three this fall. Until then, please use the printing service to save money on ink, paper, and a printer.

Note: This service will not print copyrighted material under any circumstance.