Understanding the transfer process

Are you preparing to transfer from HACC at the end of the Spring 2021 semester?

It’s important to stay on top of the transfer process now, instead of waiting until May. Keep the following checklist in mind–although not all are required, each can help smooth the process.

Contact your advisor.

Meet with your advisor and review your class list, colleges you want to transfer to, and any requirements you may be missing. If your advisor hasn’t been responsive, or they have not assigned you one, you can talk with an available advisor here. Double-check that you’ve met any specific requirements for your program, that you’ve completed needed classes, and that you will have enough credits to graduate.

Apply to graduate.

According to HACC’s website, “An Application for Graduation must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office within 20 days after the beginning of the final term of study.” This is quickly approaching for Spring 2021 graduates. After logging into your my.hacc.edu portal, find the “Apply to Graduate” form under Commencement Information.

Get a transfer credit evaluation.

HACC has detailed information for many colleges’ transfer policies, located here. You can also reach out to individual colleges—some have automatic transfer calculators, while others require you to contact admissions or complete an application. HACC lists colleges that they’ve partnered with, along with other transfer information here.

Locate your transcripts.

You can find your HACC unofficial transcript and request an official transcript by logging into your my.hacc.edu portal, clicking “Registration and Records,” and selecting “Transcript Information/Request” from Student Records.

Strengthen networking.

If you’ve built good relationships with staff, faculty, and peers, keep those strong. If you need a letter of recommendation in the future, reaching out to someone from your college experience is workable if you don’t lose touch. Job, college, and scholarship applications often request 2 to 3 recommendations. Before graduating, consider asking if they would write you a recommendation in the future.