HACC’s C.A.R.E. Center – What it means for you

HACC Consultation, Advocacy, Referrals, and Empowerment


Quarantine Dating can be good. Or not.

Do you find it difficult to afford food during this pandemic? Do you want professional support for mental health but are unsure where to look? Are you struggling with child care while you are in class?

The newly established CARE Center (HACC Consultation, Advocacy, Referrals, and Empowerment) helps students who are facing barriers to their education.

The CARE center coordinates with a wide range of entities to help students mitigate struggles they may be going through outside of the classroom. Among the many services it offers, CARE coordinates with local healthcare providers to provide affordable or free healthcare, organizes transportation with the college, and can connect students with local shelters or affordable housing.

If you are interested in these services or have questions on other services CARE provides, you can complete the intake form found here. ¬†You can also find more information by emailing the CARE coordinators at [email protected] or checking out the HACC social media.

Stay tuned to the Hawk Eye for information on events and services sponsored by CARE.