Gnidora is looking for love


Look at the little details on this lady. See how she has a letter ‘M’ on her forehead? Her little necklace? The way her beautiful orange eyes match the fuzz on her snout? She’s looking into your soul, right? And your soul is saying, “I need a gorgeous tabby cat whose name starts with a ‘G,’ and I need it right now,” yes?

Well then, you’re in luck, because this little lass Gnidora is up for adoption! She’s fully vaccinated, eight years old, and boasts a personality that is just as fantastic as her markings. However, there’s a catch (there is always a catch with a creature this perfect): Gnidora is shy to a fault.

Sadly, she was brought into the shelter with a large group of kitties. Gnidora was one of the group members who was under-socialized, so she had a lot of anxiety at first. This gal is warming up to people now, though! Little by little, she’s working through her issues and learning how to trust. However, having a safe, cool cardboard box is non-negotiable for Gnidora. What can she say? She’s a lady who knows what she wants.

A fair warning: Gnidora plays favorites. If you adopt this little lady, you may find yourself vying for her love and scorning your partner as a result. She’s a heartbreaker! You won’t, however, scorn your small children, because Gnidora doesn’t want to be around little kids. She prefers peace and quiet. If you have noisy children or pets, refer a friend to this beautiful lady and admire Gnidora from afar. She doesn’t mind either way.

This girl is full of love, but she needs someone who is ready to put in the time and earn it from her. (Trust me: she’ll be worth it.) If you’re up for the very gratifying challenge of bringing her out of her shell, check her out on the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area’s PetFinder! I again would like to remind you that her snout fuzz matches her eyes. She is a gem.