My Experience with the Covid-19 Vaccine

The world was introduced to a silent killer. It infested our lungs, spread with malicious intent and without regard for economic status, creed, or religion. Covid-19 was a true equalizer. It spared no one. 

David Duggan, Managing Editor

The first time I stood next to the box of the COVID-19 vaccine was a humbling experience.

I asked, my voice quiet as if not wanting to disturb the precious vials. “Is… is that them? Is that the Covid vaccine?” A rhetorical question, most likely. I knew the answer, yet wanted to hear it said to me out loud. 

At my first vaccine clinic, I was mostly greeted with a crowd of emotionless eyes — attempting to project calm to conceal their reasonable trepidation for this medical breakthrough. Some were filled with jokes. “It’s been fifteen minutes and I’m not dead yet.” “I feel just as bad as I did before I got the shot” 

This group experiment, this shared participation of a venture into the unknown was guided by an assortment of our predetermined reasons for receiving it- protection, duty, fear. Regardless of what it was, we all were taking part in history. 

I silently asked myself if I was being selfish by taking the shot and potentially depriving someone else who needed it more than me. Perhaps someone with ailing health. Maybe someone whose years to live are much less than their years lived.

And then I remembered I would go back to a house that was not my own. I had vacated my home to not expose its residents to the virus and cause their almost certain death. I thought of the dangers of working in an environment of a pharmacy. I thought of my constant closeness to those who unknowingly hosted the virus and the onslaught of those who denounce the mask based on an ill-construed understanding of our founding document. 

When it was slowly pressed into my arm and the liquid was depressed into my muscle, my mind was surprisingly at ease. In that small room, with the gentle hum of the fluorescent light standing uniformly above me, I felt no crowning achievement. I felt no distinguished pride.

There existed no rush of excitement. There was no splitting of the Red Sea; unshackling myself of the oppression of the virus. The path forward came in half a second with the mere pain of a misguided thumbtack. The vaccine soon raced through my body, commanding my immune system to be prepared against the hostile, invading force with the militant discipline of Baron von Steuben.

 COVID Vaccine

This vaccine emphasized the uncompromising potential of our world if we rallied together on a united front. Imagine the possibilities of our world if we were unanimously committed to the annihilation of this virus, working with the same ferocity to obliterate homelessness or hunger.

We have shown that in times of a universal world threat, our combined intuition and resilience have always been the prevailing force. COVID-19 was no different. While the path to victory is still long, it is no longer uncertain. We have the tool that will end this pandemic. All we have to do is use it.