Date Night in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled many fun events and holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve have all been canceled. What about Valentine’s Day?

Well, if you’ve been quarantined with your significant other, bring back the spark with a COVID-friendly date night. Whether you and your significant other are a romantic couple, an artsy couple, or a sporty couple, I made a list of dates suitable for you!

Date Night for the Romantic Couple

Dress up for the night! Put on a dress or a button-down, and make yourself look good. Not only does dressing up boost your confidence, but it also sets a good impression on your significant other. Especially with the pandemic, dressing up is slim to none, so to boost your confidence and possibly rid you of some depression, try dressing up.

Order a delicious meal for takeout. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, restaurants are at 50 percent capacity for dining indoors. However, the Centers for Disease Control urges people to stay home and prevent the spread of the virus. Ordering dinner for takeout is the safest option at the moment.

Slow dance. Get groovy and put on some of your favorite songs and dance with your partner. Dancing can brighten your mood.

Date Night for the Artsy Couple

Do a couple’s photoshoot. There are many photoshoot ideas such as really cut and clean dressy photos or remaking ugly family photos. For this idea, the options are endless. For ideas on how to pose for photos, click here!

Paint each other’s hands for decor. Go out and buy a small canvas from a craft store as well as two different swatches of paints. Paint your hand one color, and your significant other’s hand the opposite color. Place your hands next to each other on the canvas and wait for the paint to dry. Then, write each other’s names inside the hands. To see a video of this craft, click here!

Write each other notes. A few writing prompts may include: why did I fall in love with you, where did we meet, what was my first impression of you, and much more. For writing prompts to your lover, click here.

Date Night for the Sporty Couple

Couples yoga. Find some couples yoga YouTube videos and see if you can do the poses. Couples yoga has gained popularity throughout these past few years. Many reasons people do couples yoga is to feel a deeper connection with their partner or to become more in-tune with their movements.

Go on a hike. Hiking requires a lot of will and energy, especially when it is cold outside. Before embarking on this date, make sure you have dressed appropriately for the weather. Find some of the best hiking spots in Pennsylvania by clicking here.

Watch a basketball game. Basketball is in full swing and on Valentine’s Day, they will play nine basketball games. Check the NBA schedule on ESPN by clicking here.

Whatever you decide to do, keep safe and enjoy each other!