Former President Trump aquitted in second impeachment trial

Senate finds Donald Trump not guilty on charges of inciting an insurrection.

A. Porter, Editor in Chief

In what is the most bipartisan vote for a guilty verdict in an impeachment trial, Senate acquitted former President Donald Trump on charges of inciting and insurrection.

The outcome was 57 votes for guilty and 42 votes for not guilty. A vote of 67 in favor of finding Trump guilty was needed for conviction. 10 Republicans cast a guilty vote.

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Pennsylvania State Senator, Pat Toomey, who voted to convict Trump, stated, “Unfortunately, his behavior after the election betrayed the confidence millions of us placed in him. His betrayal of the Constitution and his oath of office required conviction.”

Compared to the first impeachment of Trump, which lasted a little over a month, this trial was only four days long, and the first time an attempt to impeach the president took place after leaving office.

To date, there have been four impeachments, none of which resulted in a conviction.