Apps all college students should have

Catherine Hardison, Staff Writer

Quizlet: 4.8/5 AppStore Rating   


Quizlet is a free app that helps students study. You can either create your own study guide or browse the app for study guides designed by other students. Quizlet offers many features, such as studying with flashcards, timing your ability to answer by matching, and the ability to take tests. You can even enter your test or quiz date, and Quizlet will send you notifications throughout the day reminding you to study. 

Quizlet also offers premium options. There is Quizlet Go and Quizlet Plus. Quizlet Go is only $3.00/month and offers ad-free studying and the ability to study offline. Quizlet Plus is $4.00/month and offers personalized study paths, progress insights, smart grading, uploading your own images for study sets, scanning notes to create study sets, text formatting, ad-free studying, and the ability to study offline. Quizlet is a wonderful study tool for any college student looking for another way to study. 

Flora – Green Focus: 4.7/5 AppStore Rating

Flora App

Flora is a habit-tracking app designed to help you stay focused and off your phone. You set a duration for the time you do not want to be on your phone, and you “plant a seed” and “watch the tree grow.” The more you check your phone and be on your phone, the more the app will send you alerts to get off your phone. The tree will begin to die, and you will not achieve your goal. 

Flora offers a free option and a paid option. The paid option is called Flora Price. Flora Price is where you can challenge yourself by adding a payment. If you go on your phone, you lose that payment, and they donate it to Trees for the Future. They have planted over 50,000 trees by the donations they have received through this app. If you don’t go on your phone during this period, you will get your money back. It is a great app to keep you on task! 

UNiDAYS: 4.9/5 AppStore Rating

UNiDays App

UNiDAYS is an app designed to help students save money by giving them discounts. You can get discounts on anything from streaming services to clothing stores. UNiDAYS also offers monthly giveaways where you can enter to win gift cards to various stores. This app is great for college students because it helps them save money. Plus, the discounts are centered on college students. HP and Apple both are on this service and offer amazing discounts. Even if you do not shop often, it’s always good to know discounts are available for you.




Rate My Professors: 4.9/5 AppStore Rating

Rate My Professors App

Rate My Professors is exactly what it sounds like: an app where you can look at reviews of professors and rate them yourself. Before you attend a class, wouldn’t you want to know exactly what is expected of you? Course descriptions and syllabi are helpful, but student reviews are beneficial as well. Obviously, your experience and other people’s experiences may vary, but many HACC teachers have about 20 or more reviews. The more reviews that are written and filled out, the more accurate the judgement of the professor is. Rate My Professor is spectacular when you’re choosing classes for college.