Home music studio – the hardest part is starting

Anthony Amuso, Staff Writer

When it comes to making music, one of the biggest issues is finding a place to record and paying someone to use their studio.

As a musical artist, being able to make your own tracks and having a place to record vocals or lyrics should be a goal of yours. To be self-sufficient and not have to rely on others to make something for you can be beneficial.

Below is a list of what you can use for a starter studio in your own home. Keep in mind that each piece of equipment can be swapped out for something more reliable and pricey in the long run, or when you feel you are ready for something better.

Audio Software

We should first talk about your choice of audio software. I would suggest choosing an industry-standard over a cheap brand that no one knows about. I use Ableton because I like the comfortability and the accessibility of the program. 

Other popular programs are FL Studios, Logic Pro X. You can find the intro programs for Ableton Live, FL Studios on amazon for under $100.00. You Can buy Logic Pro X from the App Store on your Mac for $199.00. Do some research on the capabilities of your PC, Mac, or desktop to see if it can handle either of these programs before you decide to buy the software.


After you decide what software is best, look at some microphones. Sometimes a budget microphone can be just as good as any other when you use a pop filter and soundproofing, so don’t waste all your money and time on this choice. It is very easy to find a microphone at local music stores or online through a specific company’s website or Amazon. It will be easiest to find a budget microphone on Amazon, just make sure to look at the reviews. I always look for products that have a high review count and nothing less than 4 stars. 

All these microphones I suggest are USB because they are the easiest to assemble. All you have to do is plug it into your computer and go from there.

One of the most highly reviewed budget microphones on Amazon is the TONOR TC-777 that comes with a pop filter and Microphone stand. This microphone will cost you $45.99.

This second microphone sacrifices the pop filter but is only $24.99 on Amazon. Finding a clamp-on pop filter is easy, and you can find some for under $20 if you look on Amazon. The second Microphone is a Fifine K668. 

The third Microphone is beneficial if you have a cluttered desk, as I do. This microphone is the Fifine T669 which comes with a pop filter and a vice grip that can be maneuvered all around and pulled down if you like to sit when you record, or pushed up if you like to stand. This one is the most expensive at $62.99. 


In order to make your vocals sound crisp, I would advise you to buy some soundproofing tiles. If you cannot find any inexpensive tiles that you like, you can enclose your recording space with heavy blankets to isolate your vocals. The Soundproofing I currently use is the New Level 12 pack. It’s around $1 per tile and can be placed on the wall by using command strips. Until you can afford a studio, or upgrade your products, these tiles are perfectly fine. 

It can be very hard to know how to make a studio space for yourself, and I know from personal experience that having a list to jump off from is beneficial. I hope this helps any of you wanting to release music for the world to hear.