Hawkeye Media’s featured artist: Abigail Wilson-Kageni

A. Porter, Editor In Chief

This week’s featured artist, Abigail Wilson-Kageni, comes to Hawkeye Media from Professor Margaret Brandt’s 2-D Design class.

Abigail shared the meaning behind her drawing, titled “Revolutionary.”

“Within this piece, I wanted to focus on the independence of my mother’s country, Kenya. Originally, Kenya was colonized by the English monarchy.

Through devastating attacks on its people, England killed thousands of opposing tribes people and forced the rest into following restrictive religious and social standards of the western world.

Only 6-7 years before my mother’s birth, the people of Kenya fought and protested against their government and gained their freedom in 1963.

This piece shows three generations of Kenyan women running together to a brighter future.

One, a young girl excited to experience the new world around her, another college-aged woman holding her hand as she runs with her ‘’down with imperialism’’ sign and an older woman behind her holds her hand as she guides the two of them with her wisdom.”

Her second submission is titled, “Savannah, Georgia Archives.”

Savannah, Georgia Archives
“Savannah, Georgia Archives” by Abigail Wilson-Kageni

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