Local protests focus on circumcision

Stella Porter and Angela Foutz

If you were in the area of HACC campuses last week, you may have wondered why a group of people with red stains on the front of their pants were doing walking up and down the street.

Blood-Stained Men and Their Friends, a man named Brother K, and Pennsylvania Circumcision Protests gathered to share their views and message of the consequences of circumcision performed as routine surgery in the United States.

When asked what the message would be if they only had sixty seconds to spread their message, a protestor named David had this to say,

“We are the blood-stained men and we are on a fifteen-day tour of Pennsylvania. We do 3 or 4 of these tours a year around the U.S. We’re spreading awareness because it should be your choice of how much of your penis you get to keep. The foreskin is a normal and valuable part of the human body. Most men around the world have intact penises – European men, Asian men, South American men live their full lives with their whole penises. They don’t have any of the problems you hear about in the U.S. and the European medical community has condemned United States doctors for tampering with the genitals of perfectly healthy children.”

To learn more about those involved in the protests and their message, check out Blood-Stained Men & Their Friends, Brother K, and Pennsylvania Circumcision Protests.