Plan Ahead for Firefly Music Festival

Packing, planning, and preparing are essential for outdoor festivals


Catherine Hardison, Staff Writer

Firefly Music Festival is held in rural Dover, Delaware, and consists of four days of music. All different types of artists appear at Firefly: pop, rock, indie, and more. It is a great experience, however, everyone must come prepared. Without proper preparation, your time at the festival may be miserable. Come prepared for the weather and plan to take care of your physical health while roaming the festival.

Good items to take into the festival would be:

  • Clear backpack

Fanny packs are very important for going into the festival; however, backpacks are great if you’re looking to stay on the festival grounds into the evening hours. At night, Delaware gets cold, and you will need something to put warm clothing in when necessary. 

  • A blanket

Aforementioned, it gets cold at night, so bringing a blanket to the festival is a good idea. Not only will the blanket keep you warm, but you can also lay it on the ground to sit on when you are tired.

  • A sweatshirt

For even more warmth, take a sweatshirt to the festival grounds with you. You have the option to buy sweatshirts at vendor shops on the festival grounds, however, they are quite expensive. To save money, bring your own sweatshirt in.

  • Good walking shoes

Although you may want to look cute, comfortable shoes are essential. You will be walking around 10 miles a day, and the terrain isn’t all flat. I recommend either hiking shoes or comfortable boots. Also, wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. The festival grounds get muddy if it rained previously and sometimes people spill their drinks, so the ground gets dirty. Wear reliable shoes.

  • Snacks

Technically, you are not supposed to bring in food, but the food there is quite expensive. For a whole pizza, it was $55.00 and little grilled cheese sandwiches with chips were around $20.00. Also, sometimes if you are waiting for an artist to perform and you don’t want to lose your spot by the stage, snacks are good. Put granola bars in your pockets, but not your bag. They do a bag search before you enter the festival. Sneak in snacks at your own risk.

  • Sun protection

The sun beats down hard during the day. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are all recommended. Get sunscreen that lasts long and can withstand sweat. Take a cheap pair of sunglasses in case they either get broken or lost. Furthermore, speaking from personal experience, put sunscreen on your scalp. Your scalp can get sunburnt, however, to avoid that either wear a hat or put sunscreen there. 

  • Small first aid kit

If you decide to wear shoes that are uncomfortable, you may need bandaids for your heels. Also, if it is hot outside, mosquitoes may bite you, so pack Neosporin. Also, if someone around you gets cut or hurt, you are always prepared to help with your small first aid kit.

  • Flashlight

If you are camping in one of the campgrounds that Firefly provides, a flashlight is a good idea to bring with you to the festival. The patrol team makes rounds around the campground on horses, and sometimes the horses poop in the middle of a walkway. To prevent yourself from stepping in horse poop or walking into the mud, bring a flashlight to help guide your way back to the campsite.

  • Hand sanitizer

You absolutely need to bring hand sanitizer to the festival. The bathrooms get very nasty as the festival progresses and your hands will get filthy. There’s a lot of finger food at the festival, and you do not want to use your dirty hands to touch your food. Hand sanitizer is necessary to pack.