A Movie Review: Halloween Kills

Pacing. bland characters make for few thrills in latest release of Michael Myers series



Catherine Hardison, Staff Writer

Halloween Kills is a movie about how Michael Myers escaped death and wrecks havoc on the small town of Haddonfield, yet again.

The movie consists of most major actors that have starred in previous Halloween movies, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Charles Cyphers, and much more. Halloween Kills has a 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a 57% on IMDb, and a 42% on Metacritic

The Michael Myers franchise started out in 1978. Now, as of 2021, 12 films are dedicated to Myers and the Halloween series. Halloween is a horror series that follows Myers, a fictional notorious serial killer known for murdering his family. Myers becomes fixated on Lorie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. 

In Halloween Kills, the movie begins where the previous Halloween movie ended (Halloween 2018). A fire department appears at the Strode’s residence, as Lorie and her daughter are going to the hospital due to stab wounds. Myers is trapped in the basement and the home is burning down. Strode and her daughter lit the home on fire in hopes of getting rid of Myers for good. However, like any good horror movie, Myers escapes. The town comes together to kill Myers for good, yet are finding themselves unsuccessful in their efforts. They face many obstacles in their mission to destroy Myers.

In previous Halloween movies, Myers was a terrifying character because of the randomness of his appearance and sporadic gruesome killings. The movies were genuine slasher films with good scares.

But, Halloween Kills lost the aspect of gruesome killings and, in a way, was bland. There was no part in the movie where I was afraid. The older actors that starred in other Halloween films were good actors; however, the new characters that were introduced didn’t play their roles well. Furthermore, the directing was too cluttered. Scenes that only needed a few minutes of running time lasted well over 10 minutes, and it got boring. The movie seems very drawn out, though it is only 1 hour and 46 minutes.

Halloween Kills seems like a low-budget filler movie for the Halloween franchise, and I was disappointed about the movie.