Readers share: Their Good, Their Bad, Their #Covid Dating


Quarantine Dating can be good. Or not.

Catherine Hardison, Staff Writer

With the Coronavirus not going away any time soon, it is getting harder for single people to find dates. But, for those who are single and lonely, maybe it is a good thing dating is nonexistent right now because some dates are horrible. Here is a list of four bad dates that will make you appreciate quarantining a little more.  

“This boy and I went on our first date to the movies. We got situated in our seats and the movie began. After about five minutes, he kept trying to cuddle with me and kiss my neck, and I kept fidgeting because it was the first date. Anyway, the movie was over so he drove me home and tried to kiss me on the lips, but I turned my cheek to him. The next day I got angry texts from him saying ‘that’s not a good way to treat your boyfriend.’ I texted back, ‘You’re not my boyfriend. It was ONE date.’ I blocked him and unfollowed him on everything.” – Reece, 19

“It was graduation day, and my girlfriend came over in the evening to see me graduate. Earlier that day, I went out with another girl. So, I walked the stage and got my diploma. Then, I went over to see my family after we did that little hat-throwing thing. My girlfriend was there and wanted to get pictures with me. Then, the girl I went out with earlier came over to me and wanted to get pictures with me, as well. I no longer talk to either of them, but my parents still have a picture with me on graduation day with my girlfriend to my left and the girl I cheated on her with to my right.” – Anonymous, 21

“I’ve been seeing this dude for about a week and [he] would not leave my house until like almost 11 p.m., and he’d go and CALL right after he left! I had no personal space and I tried to give him hints I needed space, but we wouldn’t pick up on it. He would make big deals about trying to kiss me and stuff, and I wasn’t having it. I just ghosted him until he left me alone.” – Jade, 20

“Her and I went out on a picnic on the Battlefield of Gettysburg. It was nice. A warm blanket, a grocery bag of goodies, and some drinks. We talked, and were hitting it off. Mind you, I work with this girl, so I see her all the time. The date ended, and I saw her at work a few days later. She pretended like it never happened.” – Anonymous, 24


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