Life is a two-wheel adventure for one HACC student

Stunts, races and empowerment: Elliot Farver leads by speed


photo by vikram sundaramoorthy on unsplash

Katya Rodriguez, Contributor

Have you ever driven past a motorcycle and wondered, how can anyone ride on a two- wheeled vehicle? Elliot Farver, a student at Harrisburg Area Community College, will tell you he has loved every minute of it.

Farver has been riding motorcycles for over eight years. He loves to race and stunt. Over the past four years, Farver has owned 15 motorcycles, most of which are barn finds and mechanics specials. In his spare time, Farver fixes motorcycles and says he has created a large following of motorcycle riders who he does jobs for. Not only does he ride, fix and collect motorcycles, he also plans to become a motorcycle riding instructor. Along with his love for motorcycles, Farver wants to be a high net worth individual.
For this student, being financially free is important. He is working hard to earn a communications degree which will help him pursue many of his goals. Farver hopes to obtain a real estate license and says this degree will help him become a better writer and speaker.

Farver grew up in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, with both parents in a healthy home. He says he is “very blessed and proud” to have his parents, adding he has learned a lot from them, including how to fix and sell motorcycles and how to leverage his money. His mother taught him how to make efficient use of the banking system and stock market. Now, Farver must use what he learned from his parents to succeed.

Jordyn Evans, rider and close friend of Farver, confirmed Farver’s passion for motorcycles. She says Farver is a great leader and loves to teach his peers new skills.

She adds that Farver helped her immensely when she first began riding motorcycles.

In the future, Farver says his one of his career goals is to be a motorcycle instructor as he would like to help novice motorcycle riders become skilled and confident riders.