HACC student sets her sights on public relations


Katelyn Truman, Contributor

A driven HACC student is using her determination skills to establish a career as a publicist after furthering her education in communications. Chloe Miller of York recently applied for the undergraduate program at Kutztown University in Millersville earlier this month in hopes of being accepted into their communications program with a focus in public relations.

Miller has been a HACC student for the past 3 years, this being her fifth and final semester. She is set  to graduate from HACC in December. If she is accepted in Kutztown, Miller says she wishes to use her Bachelor’s degree to become a publicist. This idea first came to her during her first semester of college.

Miller has had a love for writing since the end of elementary school, her first successful work being a small theatre play that she completed before the end of sixth grade. Miller described being a publicist in her own words to provide a true definition as to what this career is.

“We kind of work hand in hand with your lawyer. They deal with the law aspects, we deal with the social aspects,” she says. We just work to keep your name out of the mud if something goes wrong and constantly make sure that we keep a good version of you in the public eye.”

Expanding further on her future goals, Miller explains how she would like to be a publicist for her best friend who is currently studying microbiology. Her best friend, Sarah Hughes, elaborates on this idea more, sharing her personal feelings about this future goal.

“It’s just something that we’ve talked about, “ Hughes said. “I like her and I like working with her so if she became my publicist I think she would be pretty cool. I like to think that she would be helpful in putting out my research.”

This drive that Miller has to succeed in her future endeavors also shines through in her previous and current interests. Throughout high school, Miller was heavily involved in her school choir, color guard, and theatre, showing up for every rehearsal, audition, and performance. She even went above and beyond during her time and would participate in auditions for select choirs or solos.  Though she may have never been selected for solos in a choir concert or a lead role in a school production, her drive to at least attempt has never faded.

“She wasn’t the type of person that really complained about what she was involved in, she was always into,” Hughes mentions. “She showed up to every class, auditioned for every solo, she was definitely persistent.”

Though all of her experiences may not have been ideal, Miller has always been able to show her determination in anything she participates in, a trait that may be admirable to some. Her friend, Hughes, definitely admires this aspect about Miller.

“I don’t think she enjoys everything she participates in, but she has always been pretty committed to working hard and being persistent,” Hughes says. “I think that’s good practice for the real world to experience doing something that you don’t enjoy very much and I admire that she has the determination to work so hard even in an environment she may not rather enjoy.”

Being able to put yourself through situations that may not be ideal is an aspect of being a publicist that Miller has already experienced. With the drive and determination she possesses to become a publicist and succeed in all aspects of her life, anyone can be convinced to have her manage your image in the public eye.