SGA Spotlight: Students Light the Way

Jackie Tsimmerman, founder and leader, HACC’s LGBTQ+ Student Union


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Student government wishes to highlight the accomplishments of students at HACC who take on extracurricular commits while pursuing their education. This month, Jackie Tsimmerman, founder and leader of the LGBTQ+ Student Union (LSU), shares about their experience at HACC in their own words.

Tell us about yourself 

My name is Jackie. I am a sophomore at HACC studying early childhood education, the oldest of four siblings, an artist, an advocate, an animal liberationist, and very proud member of the LGBTTQIA+ community. I founded and lead the LGBTQ+ Student Union, which I started in Spring 2021, a student-led organization for HACC’s queer community. I’m involved elsewhere in the tutoring center, the Student Government Association, Phi Theta Kappa honors society, and the Social Inquiry/Social Action Club.

What did you expect when you came to HACC? 

When my physical, mental, and spiritual conditions improved and I decided to return to school last year, I expected myself to succeed. Navigating college as a first-generation, non-traditional college student was intimidating, but I thrived in HACC’s remote and virtual classes. I was met with supportive and welcoming professors.

Have you had any particular positive experiences you can share? 

My first semester back at HACC, I earned my first 4.0 GPA ever in my life, so that was a really positive experience. Since realizing there are limited resources on the website for queer students and faculty, another positive experience has been working with the IT department to establish an LGBTTQIA+/Queer resource hub there, so that my community can have easy access to a plethora of resources.

Are there any specific professors who’ve helped you succeed? 

All the professors I have had have helped me in one way or another. Dr. Diane Thompson, a professor of English, is one person I would like to name. She helped me become a better writer through her valuable instruction and the most empathy I have ever seen held by an educator. Others are Dr. Marvin London and Professors David Liu, Jonathan Gainor, Justin Bichler, Linda Lindoerfer, Yolanda Hively, Rebecca Lankford, Jaime Gibson, Beth Smith, and Edward McCarthy. I am a big advocate for the Honors program! I think this institution is lucky to have the professors it has teaching there.

What are your plans after HACC?

I will transfer to a good four-year college for me, then enter graduate school. I am especially interested in special education and teaching students with disabilities. I want to work internationally in the non-profit sector, travel, keep learning, read, have at least one dog, at least one cat, build a family with my partner, and have a reason to smile.


HACC students who are part of the LGBTTQIA+ community and interested in attending a meeting of LSU, is welcome to join one on a Friday at 5 pm at


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