HACC Celebrates the Lunar New Year 2022

May the year of the tiger bring us good luck.


Jess Staley, Features Editor

To welcome the Lunar New Year and observe the Year of the Tiger, HACC Student Involvement sponsored a celebration featuring speakers, music and dance on Wednesday, Feb. 2. 

Raymond Wong, director of The Wong People Kung Fu Association, spoke about Asian history, customs, and traditions practiced for the holiday. 

The event was held virtually via Zoom. Wong was broadcasting from Chinatown, Washington, D.C., in the Chinatown Cultural Community Center. 

Asian New Year is the holiday celebrated by most Asian countries that follow the lunar calendar. One of the beliefs of the new year is the coming of luck. Every year has an animal to represent it. This year’s animal is the tiger, representing strength, courage, and bravery. In China, festivities began Feb. 1 and will continue for two weeks. 

Wong explained that red is the color that symbolizes luck, he said this as he was wearing a red scarf around his neck. Red is said to drive away evil spirits and negative energy. Positive comments and emotions should be focused on instead. Red envelopes are also a common tradition. Elders put money in envelopes and they are given to younger people as a gift, symbolizing the passing of good luck.

To prepare for the new year, on New Years Eve, people prepare food, they clean the house to remove dust and dirt from the previous year. They pay off debts if able, and leave old problems in the past year. 

The Lion Dance is a traditional dance that’s history dates back thousands of years. Wong told the story of the lion that was supposedly a creature that did exist, although some think it is mythical. A long time ago in China, a creature came down from the mountains to a village; it caused havoc, eating crops and terrorizing people. The people then made a replica of the creature, in an attempt to pay respect to it in hopes it would leave them alone. This creature and story is still relevant today, as the dance is still practiced. 

The Wong People Kung Fu Association performs on New Year’s Eve at restaurants in stores in Chinatown. This promotes good luck and the hope of bringing in money. Performers from Wong’s company performed the dance at the end of the event. The movements of the dance are based on martial arts techniques. The dance movements symbolize the pushing and moving of positive energy. 

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