SGA Spotlight: She ‘sets’ the tone at the net

She earned First Team All Star at Conference and Region


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Kyla Kolivosky is a setter on HACC Hawks women’s volleyball team

HawkEye Staff Reports

Student government wishes to highlight the accomplishments of students at HACC who take on extracurricular commits while pursuing their education. This month, Kyla Kolivosky shares her HACC life in her own words.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Kyla Kolivosky. I am a first-year student at HACC. I am interested in cardiac sonography, but due to COVID-19, I changed my major to business administration. I am a member of the HACC Hawks Women’s Volleyball team, and my position is setter. I am the oldest of four siblings. My sister, who is still in high school, plays volleyball, too.

 What did you expect when you came to HACC? 

Before I came to HACC, I already knew the volleyball coaches beforehand from playing with club teams in high school. Since I was part of the HACC dual enrollment program with my high school, I also already knew what some of the classes were like. When I came to HACC, I expected to get a strong education. I also expected to make many lifelong friendships and to be able to just enjoy these two years of being a HACC Hawk.

 Have you had any particularly positive experiences you can share?

Most of my positive experiences at HACC have come from my volleyball coaches, the W.A.R.E. staff, and my teammates. One of my positive experiences was when my team and I earned the title of Conference Champions for our division this past season. We fell one game short of being regional champions and going on to nationals. I’m excited for the next season, and I think it could be even better than last season if we work hard. My personal accomplishment was making the First Team All Star for both our conference and our region.

Are there any specific individuals at HACC who have helped you succeed?

My volleyball coaches Tom Frye and Becky Conrad are two of the main people at HACC that have helped me succeed. They both have believed in me since my high school years and had the biggest influence on my decision to go to HACC. They have helped me increase my confidence in myself on and off the court. My success in volleyball has come from their strong coaching ability. Not only have they been great coaches, but they have also been great role models.

 What are your plans after HACC?

My plans after HACC are to begin working in my field of study and transfer schools to earn my bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, I would like to return to my original major of cardiac sonography and use my business degree to help in this endeavor. I plan to continue playing volleyball at my four year school. After I finish my associate degree, I also hope to start coaching.

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