Why You Should Draw as A College Student

Top Five reasons to start drawing now.



Spending a little time drawing offers many benefits

Naajia Ali, Staff Cartoonist

Five Reasons Why Students Should Start Drawing

We all have the schedules of typical students – and college life can be a pain. There are only so many things we can do to blow off the steam. You could play the next big video game or watch whatever is on the Netflix top 10 list. You could also scroll through the TikTok videos for the hundredth time.

After a while, these everyday activities become tiresome, and are they productive? … Yeah, I didn’t think so.

We all need a hobby and something that would take the pressure off and be more productive. Drawing is the way to go. Drawing or painting is such a fun, great use of time and is beneficial for your mind. No matter if you’re drawing little shapes or a big and elaborate drawing. A little drawing a day can be great for any college student.

If that is not enough for you to stop reading this article to grab a pencil and paper, here are five reasons why you should: 

1. It’s Therapeutic
Think of it as a video game. The more energy and interaction you put into it, energy and interaction, the more it unfolds until you get to the best part. Except there is no raging. It calms the mind and takes your mind of all that was stressing you out the moment before.




2. It Enhances Creativity

Not only would drawing make you the super “creative kid” in college it’ll also make you super skillful. Art ups your design and world-building abilities and helps your brain see the things around you more clearly, shapes and colors.


3. It’s cool to hang on walls

Your bedroom walls are going to look amazing, filled with your artwork. Art is a really nice way to spice up any space. It’ll also feel great to show off your work to friends and family.


4. It makes you smarter

When I tell you I got better grades because of drawing? … I MEAN IT. Like what was said earlier, drawing is world-building. Art requires you to pinpoint particular objects and makes your brain think, like math (without the constant pain), which exercises your brain and makes you smarter.


5. Great side hustle
It’s a nice way to bring in extra income as a side hustle or a full-time job. Whether your drawing people for a price or creating art prints. Art can be a great way to make money. It also looks great on resumes.


Art is such a great way to find peace with yourself and the atmosphere around us, which is something we all need as college students.