Local Pizza Place Masks Up to Work

Keeping up with the COVID-19 pandemic demands flexibility, dedication, creativity


Photo by Norma Mortenson on Pexels

A masked employee delivers pizza

Whitney Walmer, Contributing Writer

The dough is rolled, hoagies being baked, and fryers are frying in the pizza place located in Elizabethtown, Pa known for its most popular items on the menu: the cheesesteak, the Italian hoagie, and authentic cheese pizza.

Brother’s Pizza is one of the oldest food businesses in Elizabethtown, as it has been in business since 1980, and continues to provide the community with original food and recipes they make in house.

The current owner of Brother’s Pizza, John Brill, has been in the business since the beginning and bought his part of the business in 1989. With the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, he says his business still strives to give loyal customers the best service with taking proper precautions, ensuring everyone’s satisfaction and safety.

“We are one of the lucky businesses with having the ability to stay open. Before the virus, 20-25 percent of our customers had dined in, and the rest were delivery or pick up,” Brill says.

As following the precautions, sneeze guards were installed, masks are being worn, and hands and being washed more than usual to prevent further spread. Delivery and pick up is still available options, but some changes had to be made for the safety of others. Per Governor Tom Wolf and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, dining in restaurants was prohibited until recently, masks are to be worn by customers and  social distancing is enforced when picking up orders.

The hours of the shop have changed where days of operations stay the same but close two hours earlier to abide by business curfew with closing at 9 p.m. The delivery service has changed for customers to also prevent the spread with limited contact.

“For deliveries, we aim for zero interaction, so we advise prepaying with a card on every phone call,” says Brandon Witmer, the closing manager.

As orders are still being taken and customers are still able to pick up their orders, the option is still available for the customer who is looking to pay at pick up. Elizabethtown popular for its college culture and atmosphere other local businesses in town are still operating but with preventative measure to continue loyal customer satisfaction. With Elizabethtown College meeting remotely, they are missing the college student clientele. But they are still getting business and providing customers with their wants and needs.

“I find the food and service to still be of good quality and the cheesesteak salad to still be delicious,” says Cheyenne Henry, a loyal customer.

With John Brill managing Brother’s Pizza, a family atmosphere was created as well as relationships, memories, and loyal customers. Understanding that the COVID-19 virus has affected people’s lives, they are looking to improve quality of life with their food and positive atmosphere.

“It was always a blast I had so many people apart of my “family” because Brother’s was always a family. I’d go in there as a kid when my parents had to work all time and play the game machines,” says daughter of the owner, Emma Brill.