Everything is green! Including my hair …

Plan ahead for a St. Patrick’s Day ‘do


Mary Tonge / HawkEye Media

Prepping to go green for St. Patrick’s Day

Mary Tonge, Staff Writer

PORT ROYAL – Next door is “Trends by Jen Salon” in Port Royal, PA, the owner, Jen Foust, has more than 25 years of experience in hair styling, so I went to her when I was looking for advice to dye my hair green for St. Patrick’s Day.   My hair is particularly tricky because, well first it’s a level one on the color scale, meaning it’s black.

Jen explained there are 10 different levels of hair color, so a 1 is black, and it goes up to 10, which is blonde.  She said if the hair is at level 7 (dark blonde) it needs to be lightened to a level 8 minimum (a medium blonde) otherwise the studio hair color won’t take.  The important part to lightening hair is to get it light enough. Since I’m a 1, she says she uses Matrix Light Master, which will lift the color in my hair to an 8 on the first try.

She explained it’s very important to leave the lightener on for a “minimum of 35 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes” to achieve the lightness necessary for the direct dye to take.  After this, she shampoos and conditions the hair and dries it completely.  She tries to get all the water out of the hair since studio colors wash out, and they tend to last approximately 2 weeks before needing a touch up.

After drying the hair, she applies Joico in “Kelly Green” or CHI coloring in “Grassroots.”  These direct dyes are left on for at least 30 minutes, but don’t shampoo them out, as “you’ll wash out the color, also only use warm or cool water, as hot water will wash it out as well when you rinse.”  This should bring a nice pop of color to the hair.

She reminded me that the more you shampoo your hair the faster the dye washes out and the color tends to wash out requiring touch up on a biweekly basis.  Also, by not washing the hair every day will help to extend the life of your studio color and keep it from general fading – keeping your hair looking like the shamrock fields that you’re wanting it to resemble.

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