SGA Spotlight: She holds the ‘key’ to everyone’s future


Deryn Varney / HawkEye Media

Rustina Jones finds the KEYS program important to her HACC life

HawkEye Staff Reports

Student Government aims to highlight accomplishments of HACC students who take on extracurricular commitments while pursuing their education. This month, we asked Rustina Jones, active in the KEYS program, to share about her experience at HACC in her own words. 

Tell us about yourself

I am a second-year student graduating this May with an associate degree in gerontology. I am a member of the KEYS program at HACC, and I like to participate in the monthly book club offered through Student Involvement. I do weekly Bible study and write poetry when I get the urge. I have been married for almost seventeen years, and I am a mother of three children. We currently have a chinchilla, four guinea pigs, and four cats.

What did you expect when you came to HACC?

When I first started HACC, I was unsure what to expect from a college setting. It had been a long time since I had attended school and been responsible for homework. Since eighteen I had wanted to, but I had always found excuses not to. Then my oldest started getting ready to prepare for college himself. I thought, I’ve got to do this – not necessarily for myself but to be a good example for my kids.

Have you had any particular positive experiences you can share?

Attending HACC has been exciting. I have met a lot of other people from many different stories and all age groups. I have learned about the different issues others had to overcome to attend college. I have also learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. Going through classes, I’ve learned that I’m going to be okay if I’m pushed outside of my comfort zone.

Are there any specific individuals at HACC who have helped you succeed?

Asauntae Gordon, a facilitator with KEYS, has been very helpful. She listens to me and points me in the right direction when I need help. She makes sure I have the supplies I need to be successful in my classes. Susan Spivey, my class tutor for English 057, was also very helpful. She helped me pick apart papers and make them read well. She was always willing to give me pointers, even with projects that were not from an English class. All my professors have tried to go above and beyond to help me.

What are your plans after HACC?

After college, I plan to start my career as a geriatric social worker working with people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. My plans also include earning my bachelor’s degree and maybe my master’s. I want to be as prepared as possible to better serve the older people I will be working with. Outside of my career plans, another thing I hope to do one day is put my story “out there” through poetry and creative writing. The way I think about it, there’s only one of you, and only you can tell your story.

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