SGA Spotlight: He answers many ‘calls’ to duty

HawkEye Staff Reports

The Student Government Association (SGA) aims to highlight the accomplishments of HACC students who take on extracurricular commitments while pursuing their education. Each month, we ask members of the HACC student community to share about their experiences at HACC in their own words. This month, we sat down with Bryce Stine, Captain of the ESports Team.

Tell us about yourself
I am a full-time student serving in the military while also working part time at Fed-Ex and managing the HACC Call of Duty esports team. This is my sixth semester at HACC, and I am planning to graduate this spring. I enjoy what I do and believe all my experiences have helped shape me into the leader I am today.

What did you expect when you came to HACC?
I came to HACC after serving for two years in the marines directly out of high school. I came because I wasn’t quite ready to transition fully to a four-year school. I never took the SATs, so I wasn’t sure if I would be eligible to go straight to a four-year program. I didn’t have any expectations when first coming to HACC, but I have been happy to see such effort put into students from a small community college. HACC has a lot more activities than I expected when I came here, and I have been grateful to meet the group of people that I did through esports.

Have you had any particular positive experiences you care to share?
I have tons of experiences to share, but I don’t have the space for them all. Back when HACC was in person, me and a bunch of friends – around nine or 10 individuals – made a group and used to go all over campus playing Pokémon Go. That was a positive experience. I can list a thousand positive experiences through the esports program. I am proud to be part of a dominant school in the esports league. This has also helped me meet and make so many friends across the country.

Are there any specific individuals at HACC who have helped you succeed?
All my professors at HACC have been helpful. The manager of the esports program, and my esports coach, Neftali Perez, has had the greatest impact on my academic career. He helped me through hard times and supported me in many ways. He helped me with forming a team and has influenced me to do better in school and to make good decisions as a person. I definitely plan to stay in touch with him after HACC, as well as some of the other people I’ve met in esports.

What are your plans after HACC?
After HACC, I plan on transferring to a four-year school to finish my degree. My goal in life is to get my bachelor’s degree so I can qualify for Officer Candidate School and reenlist in the military as an officer. I plan on commissioning into the marines as a pilot. I plan to either stay in the marines until I retire or finish my contract and fly civilian side.

Spotlight is an occasional column appearing in HawkEye Media and is a collaboration between SGA and HawkEye. Students featured have given their permission to appear in Spotlight.