Toomey leads ‘NYET’ act legislation to support Ukraine

Mary Tonge, Staff Writer

Sen. Pat Toomey, (R-PA) along with 39 of his Republican colleagues has introduced and is encouraging Congress to quickly take up and pass the Never Yielding Europe’s Territory (NYET) Act (S. 3652) on Feb. 15.

Toomey has and continues to urge the Biden administration to support the Ukraine and democracy in these efforts by accelerating lethal aid to the Ukraine and impose immediate sanctions on the NordStream 2 – a 1,200km pipeline under the Baltic Sea, which will take gas from the Russian coast near St Petersburg to Lubmin, Germany.

Sen. Toomey says he sees this as an ongoing issue with Russia that began back in 2014, when Russia illegally invaded Crimea and incited a war in Ukraine’s Donbas Region.

Since this invasion by Russia the US has provided more than $2.7 billion in security assistance to Ukraine.  While President Joe Biden  has announced sanctions and shown support for Ukraine, Sen. Toomey is urging further action.

“While these actions were certainly a step in the right direction, they have not been enough to halt Putin’s aggression in the Ukraine” he said in a written statement.

NYET Act, currently still in committee, states that its principal purpose is to counter the aggression of Russia against Ukraine and Eastern European allies, expedite security assistance, bolster defense capabilities of allies and partners in the region, and impose sanctions relating to the actions of Russia with respect to the Ukraine.  This act is about expediting security assistance and defense capabilities to Ukraine, prioritizes delivery of excess defense items and authorizes a special defense acquisition fund allowing for aid to Ukraine with the express purpose to counter disinformation from the Kremlin, and to provide international military education and training in cooperation with Ukraine while limiting military cooperation with the Russian Federation, providing for reports on chemical, and biological activities within the Ukraine and on security assistance, provisions of defense as well as policies and procedures governing support for the Ukraine.

This bill will help by giving primary assistance and aid to our allies within Ukraine and ensuring that Ukraine’s military and citizen army has the proper training to use the equipment received.  For more information, see