HACC Faculty wins Union Vote

The wait is over, HACC becomes last community college in Pennsylvania to become unionized


Jess Staley, Features Editor

After a two and a half year campaign, on April 8, a majority of HACC faculty voted yes to unionizing. 

The ballot results came out to 335 of 533 votes. 

What’s next in the union process?

A constitution of bylaws is being written and a contract negotiation is in motion, creating a basic structure of the union, to be called Harrisburg Area Community College Education Association.

Selective bargaining is the process that will  be followed. Elections will take place to fill the leadership roles, according to Hawk Faculty United information.

The Pennsylvania State Education Association will guid HACC through the process. PSEA President Rick Askey shows support.

“We look forward to working side by side with them to negotiate a contract that is fair and equitable and treats all HACC faculty members as the professionals they are,” he said.

The process will take time, union organizers say in a message to faculty, but eventually, full-time and adjunct faculty will become united with their newfound contract and the expected stability as a union.

While HACC Administration consistently campaigned against the union effort, the president has signaled cooperation since the vote.

“The faculty have made their decision, and we respect that,” said HACC President and CEO John J. “Ski” Sygielski. “We will work with the PSEA to reach a fair and equitable contract from both the college’s and faculty’s standpoint.”

A celebration of the union campaign’s success is planned for May 1 at 2 p.m. Details to follow.

For more information, see HACC Newsroom.