Union elects officers, sets priorities


Hawk Faculty United  AKA the Harrisburg Area Community College Education Association, announces its slate of officers after  holding its inaugural election earlier in May.

The following candidates have secured  victories for both the Executive Committee and the Negotiations Team:

Executive Committee

President: Kathy Sicher, Instructor, Gerontology [School of Liberal Arts]

Co-Vice President: Caroline Mellinger, Associate Professor, History [School of Liberal Arts]

Co-Vice President: Marge Richcreek, Adjunct Instructor, Hospitality/Business [School of Business, Technology, and Industry]

Finance Officer: Lise-Pauline Barnett, Associate Professor, English [School of Liberal Arts]

Secretary: Mary Jo Keiter, Associate Professor, English [School of Liberal Arts]


The Negotiations Team comprises:

+ Adjunct At-Large Co Chair

+ Full Time At-Large Co Chair

+ Two faculty representative (one adjunct and one full time) per academic school, including the library:

  1. Liberal Arts
  2. Mathematics and Science
  3. Business, Industry and Technology
  4. Health Careers
  5. Library


Negotiations Team

Co-Chair: Jessica St Clair, Adjunct Instructor, Biology (School of Math and Science)

Co-Chair: Amy Withrow, Professor, English (School of Liberal Arts)

Negotiator: Steve Lustig, Department Chair, Business (School of Business, Technology, and Industry)

Negotiator: Daniel Schoedel, Adjunct Instructor, CIS (School of Business, Technology, and Industry)

Negotiator: Sara Crill, Adjunct Instructor, Allied Health (School of Health Careers)

Negotiator: Lois Schaffer, Professor, Cardiovascular Tech (School of Health Careers)

Negotiator: Kathleen Conley, Professor, Library

Negotiator: Diane Wollaston, Adjunct Instructor, Library

Negotiator:Diane Mummert, Adjunct Instructor, English (School of Liberal Arts)

Negotiator: Christine Nowik, Department Chair, English (School of Liberal Arts)

Negotiator: Christina Houston, Adjunct Instructor, Math (School of Math and Science)

Negotiator: Kelly Matthews, Professor, Chemistry (School of Math and Science)


Voter turnout is tallied at 76% of all eligible voters – a strong showing, says Amy Withrow, chair of the outreach committee for Hawk Faculty United, in an email message to faculty on May 13.

“This is a great voting percentage,” Withrow said.  “To those of you who ran but did not win … THANK YOU FOR STEPPING UP! HFU encourages you to consider positions on the Representative Council as well as positions on standing committees come this fall, including the all-important Grievance Committee.”

To see the vote counts, follow this link to go to Results.

Previously, members passed the Constitution and Bylaws with 98.47% voting to approve.

“These documents can and will be amended as the union grows and evolves,” Withrow said via email, adding, “The document is available for reference on the website here.”

New officers will set meetings soon and set plans to get the union in motion. Top of the to-do list are issues regarding tenure/promotion and salary/bonus issues.

For further information, reach out to [email protected]