REVIEW: Student Art Show 2022 and its Winners

Welcome the winners of the student art show and their stories

REVIEW: Student Art Show 2022 and its Winners

Naajia Ali, Staff Cartoonist


At the beginning of May, we were introduced to some of HACC’s most creative minds. Rose Lehrman Art Gallery gives honor to HACC’s students and their work, displaying some beautiful and very innovative pieces.  ‘2022 Student Honors Exhibition’ and ‘2022 Student Honors Exhibition award’  shows several forms of art, all with distinct styles. We now introduce you to some of the Award winners. Their work was made with a lot of craft and has great meaning to the artist. Here are some of the winners of this show.


Jason DeLorenzo

Winner of two awards for the “Graphic Design Honors” Jason has been a student here at HACC for three years, studying Designing Graphics and Interactive Media, for ten years, he’s been painting and appreciates the adventure. He writes that the finished product of his work is definitely worth the time and effort that he puts into his creative process. His inspiration for his first win “Toxic Air” was formed out of my investigation into the problems that affect Pennsylvania and air pollution. Displaying environmentalist and political greatness.

He stated that seeing the creative process and witnessing the finished product is what inspires him to keep creating
His advice to aspiring artists and creators. Simply get started and step out of your comfort zones; he states that this should be applied to art, but also all elements in life.


Maygen Giliberti

The third-place winner of the ‘2D ART‘ award was Maygen Giliberti. Winning with her creative and innovative work. Giliberti describes her style as semi-realistic, dark, and fantasy, with a dash of gore. Her style has evolved significantly throughout time and is constantly improving. Her love for anime and manga influenced her style significantly. Giliberti says she later began to concentrate more on individuals, attempting to make them both terrifying and beautiful.
“Her friends, father, and some professors were the ones that kept me inspired to make art,” she writes. With their support, she says she was able to create award-winning art, and made her hope she could make a difference with her work. And she surely will.

Jasper Herman

Winner of the third-place prize for their piece “Shiny Objects” and nursing major, Herman’s love for art started when Herman was three years old. Drawing and experimenting with different mediums for most of their life. Herman mostly draws cartoons, which gives their work a semi-abstract.

Anime and cartoon series like “Demon Slayer” and “Bluey” has influenced them greatly. They enjoy drawing creatures that symbolized loved ones and other people they care about. Herman also talked about their love for creating mythology animal characters and other creatures. Herman hopes to keep improving their skills. They also so hope that in the next five years they could continue showing their skills to the world and make a living through art while pursuing a nursing career. Herman states that their passion for creating and art gives them peace of mind and it works wonders for releasing their feelings and takes them to a calm state of mind and inner peace.

Gwen Almeida

The second-place winner of ‘2D Design’ and ‘digital photo imaging’ is a super ambitious and talented student with a lot of love for art and creating. Almeida always had a passion for art. Once pursuing a nursing major, Alameida changed career paths when she couldn’t picture herself going professional in science. She wanted to pursue something expressive and artistic instead. Art was something that she truly enjoys. She has been creating since she was young and always wanted to be an artist. She had a fall-out in her art journey and quit to focus on her nursing career but has been now trying to get back to her craft.  She still is finding her style and trying new techniques. She has always wanted to be an artist, though so many people have told her it wasn’t possible. She stated that her best motivation was to prove the people who don’t support her and her art wrong and to keep moving forward with her craft.

Jasmine Cuza

Jasmine Cuza, Artist of the second-place winning piece “In the Nude,” is an art major going into her second year. Cuza has been painting since she was little and is constantly improving her skills. She defined her style as “loose and quick” the airy and delicate look of her piece. Her technique gives a sort of watercolor feel, which is something I haven’t seen in drawing before.

As an artist, it’s part of an artist’s duty to continually be on the lookout for new art and artists. Being inspired by other creators helps you grow. She states that being in art school and surrounding herself with other artists influenced her style and gave her motivation to amp up her game.


Zaire Roberts

Zaire Roberts, artist of “Untitled,” is the third-Place winner of the painting award. Roberts is a Fine Arts student and has studied here at HACC for three years. She has been doing art since she was a child, but it wasn’t until she was about the age of 12 that she began to take it became her passion. Her art has been greatly influenced by anime and evolved into more portrait-oriented efforts. Roberts described her art style as semi-realistic, but she hopes to dive into more surrealism territory in the future. Roberts states that the thought of witnessing visible growth and improvement in her art over time kept her driven to make it. She states that her friends and loved ones have a great influence on her work. Observing other young artists on social media have a great effect on her as well. there is a lot in store for this promising young artist and we are so excited for her next move.



Ana Hyder

Her piece is part of a series of shots that tell a complete tale. She writes that her work is supposed to display a story of a lady writing a love letter, her boyfriend receives it and burns it, and the woman is distressed and heartbroken at the end of the narrative. Each shot in the series of eight had to be able to stand alone as part of the project, thus she attempted to focus on that with each one.

Hyder appreciates a lot of different artists: Elex Poisel, Scyla Crozier, Suzanna Hrishka, Noah Ditzler, Baily Morgan, and local painter, Jessie Waite. She also says her classmates continue to inspire her. Hyder writes, “It’s amazing to be able to develop some of our skills side by side.”

Sculpture or tessellation-type designs are methods that she wants to use (particularly after witnessing the Student Honors Show). She says she wouldn’t define her style in any particular manner, but hopes that anything she creates evokes a sense of serenity and whimsy.


Kaleigh Neiss

First place winner of the ‘Student Honors Awards Drawing’ Kaleigh is a student of art here at HACC and is about to begin her second semester. Kaleigh has been creating art since she was a child. Living in a household with parents who are also artists, she writes that she has always been surrounded by creativity. When Kaleigh was a high schooler she began stepping out of her comfort zone and started pushing herself creatively

She states that she has always found it difficult to define her style. Kaleigh writes that she enjoys creating a wide range of art and practicing many techniques; limiting herself to just one style feels like confinement to her creativity. She stated that she doesn’t believe there is anything in particular that motivates her. She writes that in all facets of her life, she has always been a creative person; it’s simply who she is and where she is the happiest. Making art of any form feels good to her and is enjoyable, so she continues to create.

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