A Grow Guide for First Time Plant Parents

Mastering proper plant care takes time and practice. Green thumb or not, this short list of houseplants are virtually impossible to kill!


Photo by Catherine Hardison

Left to right – Chinese Coin Plant, Air Plant, Jade Plant

Catherine Hardison, Staff Writer

If you are starting out your plant parenthood journey it might be a rocky start. You may find yourself going out to buy plants and being unaware of what proper plant care is. You come home one day and sadly find your plant showing signs of distress, but that’s okay!

Jade Plant
Jade Plants are not high maintenance. Usually, when these plants are on the verge of death, they give plenty of signs before death to save them relatively quickly. Jade plants need direct sunlight. Brightly lit rooms or windows that receive all day sun are ideal. If you’re ever worried your plant is receiving too much sunlight, check their leaves. The leaves will appear very dark green with browning on the edges, signs the plant is sunburnt. Preventing sunburn right away is not always possible, however, if this does happen, moving the plant out of direct sun and into a location with indirect sunlight until the damaged leaves fall off, or are able to be plucked.  Keep in mind, signs of a thirsty Jade Plant. They only need to be watered when the soil is dry or if white dots appear on the leaves, or about once a week.

Chinese Money Plant
Chinese Money Plants are good for locations where access to smaller amounts of sunlight are available over direct sunlight sources. I recommend a coffee table or a dresser, someplace that isn’t too bright or too dark for this plant. Your pot should have large holes on the bottom for proper drainage. This plant does not like to be soaked dried out, either. For a healthy Chinese Money plants, check the soil with your finger before you decide to water. If the soil is still moist, hold off a few days before watering. If not and the soil is dry, water slightly to prevent excessive moisture in the soil.

Air Plant
The first thing you need to know about Air Plants is that they do not need to be in soil. Many Air Plants are sold in small containers or a sponge or moss at the bottom of their pot. Watering this plant requires only a mist from a spray bottle at least once a week. The moss or sponge helps to supply moisture to the air plant on an as-needed basis. What is so neat about Air Plants is that it doesn’t need a ton of sunlight either. Air Plants can even thrive off of fluorescent light. Keep in mind sunlight and fluorescent light change the plant’s color and turn it a different hue. If you have an Air Plant that is always in the window, and you have another that resides under your lamp, you will notice one looks greener than the other. The difference in hue does not matter as long as the plant remains green and hasn’t turned brown.

These are some great starter plants that are easy to take care of. Following a proper watering schedule and a watchful eye on these plants, you are sure to succeed. Being a good plant parent takes hard work and effort but if you end up killing one of these plants, fake plants are always an option!