Filthy Frank Makes Music?

Catherine Hardison, Staff Writer

George Kusunoki Miller. You may know him as Francis of the Filth, Filthy Frank, or Pink Guy. Others may know him as Joji, but before Miller gained fame as Joji, he started on his path to notoriety through his YouTube channel, FilthyFrankTV. Pink Guy and Filthy Frank are two of his more famous characters during this period. When Miller plays the character of Pink Guy, he dresses in a skin-tight pink bodysuit, and everything that comes out of his mouth is inappropriate. In many of his videos, he created offensive comedy content that was deemed cruel and grotesque. In 2017, Miller released a studio album under his character, Pink Guy, titled Pink Season.

In 2017, Miller’s YouTube career came to a halt. He attributed his desire to start his music officially, not wanting to be known forever as the ‘guy who makes funny songs.’ In a later deleted tweet, Miller says, “I no longer enjoy producing that content.” He was ready to begin a real music career. In November 2017, Joji released his first EP called In Tongues. In Tongues has a relaxing, lo-fi vibe to it that expresses sadness and heartbreak. This album is a beautiful work in progress. The raw piano sounds blended with the bass pull everything together to make it sound aesthetically pleasing.

Joji’s first full-length album, called BALLADS 1, was released in October 2018 and was the album that initially broke him away from the previous stereotypes. This album topped Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop chart and garnered half a billion streams on Spotify. Much of Miller’s music is about heartbreak and depression, yet in BALLADS 1, the songs focus on accepting heartbreak. The album came full of flaws in the vocal and instrumental arrangement, yet it retains artistic value. This album comes perfectly flawed, providing just enough imperfection to remind the listener he is still human.

More recently, on September 25th, 2020, R&B artist Joji released his second full-length album, Nectar. Eighteen songs are jam-packed into this album. He truly honed his talent in this album. The rise and fall of his voice pitch is quite the stand out feature. It is a masterpiece. Nectar has tracks for anyone who likes a little bit of Emo Trap Music, R&B, Alternative, and he even adds in a flair of Classical sound.

Miller has come a long way in his career. He has made a professional name for himself outside of his offensive comedic past. His humorous self still shines through during interviews. In case you have not heard, Filthy Frank makes music, and it is pretty amazing.

Click Here to check out Nectar on Spotify.