A Grow Guide Part II

Quarantine has provided many with more time on their hands. Plant care has become a favorite hobby.


by Catherine Hardison

Left to Right – Snake plant, Aloe Vera plant

Catherine Hardison, Staff Writer

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Since 2018, the rise in the sale of houseplants has increased by 50%! So if you’re looking for a new trendy hobby, now is the time to test your hand in easy to care for plants. 

Snake Plant – Snake plants are remarkable in bathrooms or humid locations. They only need to be watered once every 2-8 weeks. If they are in a humid environment, such as a bathroom, the amount of water you give it should be minimal. The type of light you should let this plant have varies on how fast you want it to grow. There is potential to see up to three feet of growth per year if your plant receives constant, direct sunlight. If the plant is in a location where sunlight is minimal or solely fluorescent lighting, they grow very slowly.

Aloe Vera – The care for this plant is as minimal as it can get. You can leave this plant unattended for months on end and come back to it still green and healthy. Types of lighted suggested for Aloe Vera include fluorescents or indirect light sources. They don’t need a ton of light; I would say approximately five hours a day provides enough to maintain good plant health. Another plus side of Aloe plants is that you do not need to water them often. During Spring and Summer months water sparingly. Fall and Winter months reduce to once every two months. Aloe plants tolerate neglect, so if you forget about your plants often, get an Aloe plant.