Important Dates for Students Attending the Spring Term 

Catherine Hardison, Staff Writer

Spring registration has officially begun! As students, we need to be aware of upcoming dates relating to our success here at HACC. Some dates listed below are registration deadlines, tuition due dates, refund timelines, and financial aid refund timelines. 


How to Register for Classes :

It is strongly suggested to meet with your academic advisor before registering for classes for your term. If you cannot meet with your advisor, please request a Degree Evaluation to find out what classes are required. Check the Course Catalog for available classes or click here

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. On the top portion of the screen, click on “Registration/Records.”
  3. To the left of the screen, you will see a subheading called “Registration and Veteran Information.” The first topic under this subheading will be called “Registration.” Open the drop-down menu.
  4. On the drop-down menu, click on “Browse for Classes and Register/Add/Drop.”
  5. Then, once that website opens, click on “Register/Add/Drop Classes.”
  6. From there, select the appropriate term you are looking to attend, and select your classes.


Registration deadlines :

Oct. 28 – Spring registration begins

Jan. 6 – Last day to enter for the $2,000 tuition giveaway for Spring 2021. To enter, click here!

Jan. 18 – Spring registration closes

Jan. 19 – Spring semester begins

Reminder – Monday, Jan. 18 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so class begins on a Tuesday. Follow your Tuesday schedule.  

Visit HACC for more information on registration deadlines by clicking here.


Tuition Due Dates are as follows :

Dec. 2 – Tuition due in full 

Dec. 11 – Classes drop for non-payment. Students who do not meet the tuition deadline risk having their registration canceled. 

Visit HACC for more information on tuition deadlines by clicking here.


Refund timeline for students taking a full term (15 weeks) :

Jan. 27 – Last day to drop classes with a full refund

Feb. 9 – Last day to drop classes with a half refund

April 8 – Last day to drop classes with a W. W means withdrawal. To drop a W grade class means that this grade will not show on your transcript or GPA. There is no refund. 

Visit HACC for more information on refunds by clicking here


Financial Aid Refund :

Feb. 22 – Initial spring financial aid disbursements start for continuing borrowers. Students receiving a loan for only one semester will receive 50% of the loan amount at the initial disbursement and the 2nd 50% as noted. 

March 2 – Initial disbursement refunds received. Contact your Welcome Center if you have not received a refund by this date.

March 22 – 2nd disbursement for single-semester spring only loans. Reminder: you are receiving 50% of the loan as noted.

March 30 – 2nd disbursement refunds received for spring-only loans. For first-time loan borrowers, disbursement is 30 days after the start of the term. 

Visit HACC for more information on financial aid refunds by clicking here


Military and veteran students, please visit All other continuing students, please visit


Any questions regarding registration or tuition, contact HACC’s Welcome Center:

To speak directly to Welcome Center staff, call 1-800-ABC-HACC or email [email protected] 

You can also find out your Home Campus Welcome Center information by clicking here.