Kate and Walter — Home for Thanksgiving

A. Porter, Staff Writer

Almost a year ago to the day, Kate Olsen lost her beautiful Golden Retriever, Walter, when he slipped out of his collar.

Kate went above and beyond, searching for her friend. Taking off work to stay in the area that Kate lost Walter, she put up a good fight but eventually had to go home and search online.

Then it happened. Kate was sent a screenshot of two dogs in a field. Because of the distance, she wasn’t sure, but something in his stance told her she had found her boy.

Kate called rescue volunteers to rush over and see if they could get close enough for photos. After a few attempts at feeding, Walter was positively identified by Kate.

A plane ride from New Hampshire to St. Louis, a food trap, and lots of patience were the perfect recipe for reuniting this duo and getting Walter home.

This year we are thankful that Kate and Walter will spend Thanksgiving together and make up for the past year apart.

Thankful Walter