• April 9Buckingham Palace confirms: Prince Philip has passed away
  • April 9The number of new daily #COVID19 cases increasing for 3 weeks
  • April 9Gov. Wolf says all will be eligible for vaccine by April 19
  • April 9HACC Fall registration begins April 12
  • March 107 billion in federal COVID aid coming to Pennsylvania

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The HACC HawkEye Staff
Andrea Piacquadio

The HawkEye is always looking for ambitious, passionate student staff. When you graduate, your resume will show real-world experience reflecting your leadership, teamwork, and ability to make a difference in the community.

What makes HawkEye unique is that it steps outside of the boundaries of a traditional college newspaper. We are not only an opportunity for Communications and Journalism majors, instead, being a mixed media organization that welcomes students on all degree paths.

How does that work?

Marketing major – Work on the advertising side of the house procuring contracts and building relationships with other advertising professionals.

Political Science major – A column on the political climate in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. Interview members of the government on pressing issues.

Fine Art / Graphic Design major – Be a cartoonist with a weekly cartoon, assist in the design aspects of weekly stories, make sure the student body is informed of what is going on with the Rose Lehrman gallery.

Culinary major – A weekly recipe, vlog, reviews of local restaurants and food trucks.

Photography major – Work with the photo editor covering local events, dig deep in finding stock photos for articles we cannot attend because of the pandemic, attend events open to the media when socially distanced.

Exercise Science major – A weekly health and wellness column. Passionate about sports – host a weekly commentary with the ability to interview and speak with different coaches and teams in Pennsylvania.

Social Services major – Cover the needs of Pennsylvanians, share the issues that impact students and staff while interviewing the professionals who can assist with needs like homelessness, child abuse, domestic violence, and more.

The list goes on for days for every major that HACC offers. Reach out to us here or fill out the form below to learn more about bettering yourself, your college, and your community.

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